The Right Amount of Exercise


Straining Weak Muscles

Fitness is about many issues, yet most people believe it is solely about exercise. They may concentrate completely on that facet of their life when they decide it is time to live better. They could overdo their workouts immediately. The pain that comes with straining weak muscles can set them back in their plan, and it can keep them from being able to move forward in the future if they do not make changes.

A lack of regular exercise often results in muscles becoming smaller and weaker. If they are not used, they have no way to maintain their original fitness level. The body can recover from this state, but it should be done with care. Weak muscles may tend to tear or bruise easily. This should be a prime consideration when beginning an exercise program that should lead to a fitter body.

Muscle fibres can be torn when they are worked too hard. This is what generally causes the most pain for people attempting to compensate for years of a sedentary lifestyle in just a few weeks or months. They exercise vigorously with the belief they will be healthy quicker, yet they exact opposite may be true. They might become side-lined until their muscles heal.

Just like any other part of the body, muscles will need recovery time. The damage is not apparent on the surface of the body, but the pain will let a person know they still need to take more time off. Moving forward at a much slower pace toward a healthier lifestyle is often recommended. A muscle that has recently experienced an injury is more likely to remain in a weakened state longer and require more time before vigorous exercise is recommended.