The Right Amount of Exercise


A Healthy Balance

Vigorous exercise is a way to lose weight, but the body will tend to crave a larger intake of calories. This is how the body often burns off fat cells. It uses the stored calories it already has to fuel the muscles. This is the way it should work, but it needs to be a healthy balance. A person must still take in enough calories for their daily living, and they should have a reasonable expectation for losing weight slowly when exercising on a regular basis.

One of the reasons it seems that weight accumulates faster than it is lost is due to the efficiency of the body. Fat builds up quickly, but it takes more work of burning off calories to get rid of it. The body uses stored fat more efficiently than the food it has recently ingested. That is generally the reason vigorous exercise does not always produce quick results.

It can be tempting to lower the body’s calorie intake radically to promote weight loss, but that could be a big mistake. The body will go into survival mode, and it will attempt to do less work to be able to store more calories as fat cells. It can actually result in a plateau of no weight loss or a slight gain over just a few weeks.

A healthy balance of calorie intake and exercise is always recommended. Using the body’s own mechanisms to help promote a healthier lifestyle should be the ultimate goal. Working with the body instead of trying to force a fast weight loss can be the ideal way to create a healthier outcome that may last a lifetime.